Rocky Patel A.L.R.

Most cigars don’t last a month within my humidor, so thanks Rocky for ageing this cigar on my behalf πŸ™‚


I’m a sucker for any new Rocky Patel cigar I can get my hands on. And with a name of ‘Aged Limited & Rare’, well it was even harder to resist.

What is rare to find with this brand is an ill made cigar, and just as usual we have a neat cap and great roll which is firm with no inconsistencies, topped off with a simple but stylish band.

Good resistance for the cold draw but no discernible flavour.

Lighting up delivered an instant hit of black pepper, a little harsh and spicy was my first impression but this starts to ease at the fifteen minute mark. From here we find that pepper changes from black to white, and leather and cedar move to the forefront.

From the second third this cigar was incredibly enjoyable showcasing cedar as the star, complimented by black coffee and a very mild hint of fruity sweetness for the finish. This cigar sat just below medium for strength but nearly full flavour with perfect burn and great smoke output. I just can’t help but continue to be a Rocky fanboy.

105 Minutes

$30 AUD


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