El Rey Del Mundo Choix Supreme

You will start to notice I don’t smoke many Cuban cigars; unfortunately most seem to disappoint me. Will this be the Cuban stick that re-sparks my interest?


First thing you will notice is the incredibly sweet cocoa scent, vanilla sweet describes it best. Pack is even with no soft spots and a nicely finished flat cap.

Lighting up is easy, and produces decent smoke laced with cookie sweet cedar and floral tones. The finish is incredibly short which is surprising for such a flavorsome stick.

From the second third the flavours settle to just above medium, with a slight tang remaining for the finish which still remains short.

Slowly this cigar became more and more sour due to becoming plugged up, nothing a quick poker couldn’t fix returning to the pleasant tastes of sweet floral cedar.

Overall this cigar was enjoyable: good flavours but a traditional cuban in my opinion, having the same flavour from start to end and more often than not plugging up.

Still worth a try.

70 Minutes.

$32 AUD



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