Joya de Nicaragua Black

I love the look of this cigar, smooth dark nearly (black) wrapper with a simple and elegant band – very appealing!

Solid pack, so much so that it was a little hard to cut the cap. The cold draw has modest resistance with distinct flavours of chocolate and grain. These flavours stayed present once lit, accompanied by a strong presence of black pepper for the finish.

After 15 minutes the chocolate fades into salty pistachio and cedar with pepper starting to ease a little. The burn line starts to waver at this point and smoke output slows considerably, plugged! Nothing a poker can’t fix…

Okay back up and running, and happy to say the pepper is barely noticeable and floral notes, cedar and vegetation are the leading flavours.

And now we are plugged again…

Okay back up and running, again, to be rewarded this time with crackers – hints of mild tobacco and nutty sweetness for the finish. Very enjoyable and ever changing, you never know what your going to get, apart from being plugged again!

The construction of this cigar was appalling, plugged three times in total but I just wanted to see what was next, the flavours were interesting and varied which made it hard to put down. Recommended.

90 Minutes

$50 AUD



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