Epic Habano Lancero

Now this is one rustic looking cigar, the wrapper is bumpy AF with a very veiny leaf vibe going on. Best of all is the cool cursive gold on black band. This cigar better smoke as well as it looks!

First impressions is that this is a sweet cigar. Sweet tobacco and sweet cedar with a faint infused taste appearing for the finish.

The second third continued with the sweet theme. We have candied fruit, tea cherries and cinnamon. There are a ton of flavours going on here which compliment perfectly.

The next flavours to show are faint floral tones, cedar and charred cashews. Very impressive.

So far it seems like everything has been perfect with this cigar, but no. I seem to have the lancero curse. It just seemed to go out unless it was continuously being smoked. Regardless this was an interesting smoke and one of the best lanceros I have ever had.

75 Minutes

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