Rocky Patel Vintage 1999 Connecticut Robusto

This cigar is longer than anticipated for a robusto, roll is perfect with only one vein running throughout. Smell is light and barnyard from fresh, Medium packed cigar with good rebound from a gentle squeeze.



Initially needed a little bit of encouragement to light.
This cigar started light on the draw but developed quickly to medium, ten minutes in and barely a cm smoked.
Distinct cedar over tones, had been in the humidor for only 3 weeks now but lit with a cedar spill so this maybe contributed.
Very smooth flavour, not bitter or overbearing. Second third was very rounded no dominate flavour but such an amazing taste.
Unexpectedly the draw tightened up for the last third, still produced a good amount of smoke & medium strength at the most.


50+ minute smoke

$27 AUD

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