CLE 2013 (Aged 7 Years)

I have to say I’m really enjoying the Privada Cigar Club subscription. Happy to just sit back and relax and let someone else do all the hard work 🙂

I love the dark chocolate colour of this wrapper. It’s also incredibly smooth with a firm pack right to the foot.

Looking at the foot you can see a nearly black patch of tobacco running right up the middle. Looks strong and will be interesting how this will influence the flavours.

Lighting up I found the draw is a little on the light side, but smoke output is just perfect. Cedar, black pepper and strong tobacco flavours are all dominating for the first 10 minutes. After this the pepper nearly disappears leaving wood and musty mushroom. Right on the $ Privada.

The burn is pretty good so far with ash falling at the 35 minute mark. A little touch up was needed, or maybe I was just being pedantic?

Halfway through I can notice that the strength is slowing increasing. Not much past medium at this point but flavour is definitely at full!

Suddenly nothing but the flavour of flowers – all flavours are incredibly floral from here on with a hint of cloves. This cigar has been surprising and incredibly enjoyable! Recommended.

90 Minutes

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