Sinistro Last Cowboy Natural Lancero

My track record with Lanceros are not good. I’m nervous…

I love the look of this cigar. The band is reminiscent of an old western wanted poster. The wrapper is a fine light brown with a small candela wrapper around the foot; that’s definitely a first for me.

The first third is a little slow when it comes to flavours. But the candela wrapper gives a little taste of barnyard, and you will also find sweet hay and cedar.

Next on the list is a big floral flavour, followed by white pepper and leather for the finish. Big floral flavour is an understatement, it’s simply colossal!

I’ve simply enjoyed every minute of this cigar! But most importantly I have broken my Lancero curse. The burn and smoke output was perfect, no plugs, tunnels or canoes; just a perfect draw from start to end. The perfect Lancero! Highly recommended.

70 minutes

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