Fratello Inverso Corona Gorda

From fresh you’re greeted with scents of yeast and hops. It smells just like a Stella Artois; luckily this is one of my favourite beers!


“Where the Navetta has an Ecuadorian Habano Oscuro wrapper, a Dominican viso binder, and Nicaraguan Jalapa fillers, the Navetta Inverso has an inverted version of this blend i.e. a Nicaraguan Habano wrapper, an Ecuadorian binder, and Nicaraguan and Dominican fillers.”

I find this inversion to be rather smart; a creative idea to inspire new flavours. A nicely sized cigar also coming in at 5 β…žβ€ x 46.

Lighting up white pepper greets you right off the bat; the smoke is thick and packs a punch, reaching for full strength at the ten minute mark.

There is an interesting mix of flavours that come and go, while hops and grain remain the constant throughout.

Milk chocolate is faintly present for the first third, changing to a mild herbal/floral flavour throughout the second.

While this cigar ticks the right boxes of having a diverse flavour profile, flawless burn and great smoke output, it is rather confusing and flavours were quite odd. Regardless I do suggest trying yourself to see what impression it leaves on you.

60 Minutes

$27 AUD










$27 AUD


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