Rocky Patel The Edge Sumatra

Now this version of the EDGE is very different to the Habano & Corojo!



Saying that just like the Habano and Corojo the quality is amazing!  Very firm pack with only a few raised veins but overall really amazing. Pre-light scent was faintly of hay, lighting was flawless and the draw had good resistance.

I am surprised with how incredibly smooth this cigar is, flavour and strength start as medium for the first third. Flavour is very earthy with a slight hint of cedar.

As I continue there is a very faint taste of pepper, I notice the pepper mainly from the heat it leaves. From the second third the flavour and strength progress to full.

There were many similarities with the previous EDGE cigars regarding the quality of cigar build, but this one won overall on flavour.

This cigar has lasted considerably longer than the other in the range, I must have been taking my time because it was so enjoyable. Best “EDGE” so far 🙂

105 mins

$37 AUD


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