Nub Maduro 4 x 60

This is the last of my NUB mini haul and I have kept the darkest wrapper till last. Big fan of maduro wrappers and this is such a good-looking cigar.



Sweet chocolate scent from fresh, once lit I found the draw was a little light but produced nice plumes of smoke.

There were some very satisfying flavours produced from this staunch little cigar, first and most prominent was pepper which was not overbearing but definitely the star. Next came smooth leather with a hint of chocolate, which was expected because of the smell from fresh.

I was enjoying all this until the 30 minute mark when everything came to stop, yet another NUB cigar that has plugged up. (Three times for this cigar)  This is very disappointing because there was potential but the poor construction has really let it down.

50 Mins

$32 AUD



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