Southern Draw Habano No. 3

This is a damn good looking cigar, plus the custom Privada band tops it off just nicely!

Fresh scent is of barnyard, in particular hay. The wrapper is incredibly smooth; the presentation is on point!

Lighting up ignites an intense pepper bomb! It’s really next level intense and smacks you in the face! After about 10 minutes you adjust to the pepper onslaught, and slight flavours of cedar and barnyard start to show. 

This cigar doesn’t let up one bit until the second third, where mixed spice and liquorice start to show. Floral notes come and go, while cedar flavour starts to increase. The pepper spice refuses to die and begrudgingly moves to the finish. 

 This cigar is a lot to take in; you will constantly discover new flavours every other draw providing a constant sensory overload.

The next thing that overloads is the cigars construction; it pretty much killed itself and plugged up really bad. I tried a poker a number of times but it could not be brought back to life.

This is a cigar I will not forget; it started out hard and fast with great varied flavour. Too bad it ended in disappointment. Next.  

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