This is the first Oliva cigar I have smoked. Straight out of the box it looks damn good.


Perfect looking wrapper! Nice and smooth with an oily sheen but a little on the soft side.

The smell from fresh is alluring, sweet milk chocolate and leather.

The first taste you get once lit is spicy pepper which brings a bit of heat. Leather and cedar come through faintly in the background.

The smoke is thick and coats your mouth entirely, I can’t really comment on the burn since it’s blowing a gale out on the balcony. Now that sentence instantly reminded of my grandparents 🙂

Continuing into the second third you will find the milk chocolate smell converts to taste, but muted by the cedar and white pepper which is the constant of this cigar.

I look at my notes sometimes and think how much did I really enjoy this cigar, and when I see “smoked to the nub” I know that’s the answer itself.

55 Minutes.

$35 AUD









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