H.UPMANN Magnum 46

I don’t know why but I really like this brand, it just conveys quality.


It may be highly offensive or even taken as a compliment but to me, most Cubans taste the same. Ok ok that is a gross overstatement I know, but what I meant is that they have many similarities.

From the start classic tastes of barnyard show on the cold draw but once lit the familiar taste of hay, cedar and pepper are no surprise. A slight bitterness follows a long finish of pepper with thick smoke that coats your palate entirely.

The second third really steps up to a full strength pepper bomb, really intense! This lasts for about fifteen minutes and thankfully mellows just enough to show creamy leather, wood and nuts. I think with a decent amount of time in the humidor this cigar could really be a star, but not today.

75 Minutes.

$33 AUD













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