Fratello Oro Gordo 6 x 60

Not sure what I think of the diagonal band, lacks masculinity, not that that matters for a 6″ x 60!


Milk chocolate and gold is always a good look, Pack was a little on the soft side with a medium cold draw resistance, no notable flavours from fresh.

Surprisingly once lit smoke output was limited and a little wispy, flavours were pleasant and started with mild hints of barnyard and leather. From the first third buttery shortbread and cream took the spotlight with smoke output increasing considerably.

I found myself smoking a little too fast luckily the sheer size of this cigar helped to prevent overheating and bitterness.

After the halfway mark the sweetness subsided to a mild leather and cedar, still remaining smooth with a longer finish of white pepper.

Ashing twice in total the burn of this cigar is applaudable, strength hovered slightly above medium but flavour was definitely full from the halfway mark, Well Done Fratello!

85 Minutes

$39 AUD

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