Joya Antano CT Corona Gorda

The Joya Antano Dark Corojo is definitely one of my favorite cigars; now let’s see what the  Connecticut version has to offer.

The fresh scents of sweet barnyard, cocoa and butter smell incredible.

The Connecticut wrapper is delicate and smooth, with a second band ‘CT’ that is probably not necessary because this wrapper cannot be mistaken.

The pack is a little soft, and once cut the draw is ultra light. Upon lighting the draw continues to be light, but produces endless clouds of sweet cedar.

The flavour starts off as sweet barnyard with a hint of peanuts and crackers; white pepper shows for the short finish.

The smoke is very creamy, and coming into the second third earth and sweet cedar replaces the white pepper.

This cigar smokes a bit faster than I would have thought for the size, but the flavours remain smooth and balanced throughout. The burn line and smoke output are impressive.

The flavour is full from the second third and the strength barely gets above medium even right to the nub. This cigar is everything I expected, and would be more than happy to experience it again and again.

60 Minutes

$51.50 AUD

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