Guantanamera Cristales 41 x 150

Ok so it’s getting close to Halloween so time to try something scary… A machine-made cigar! Well at least its Cuban.


The band is average to say the least, the wrapper is the definition of bumpy but I have read some good reviews so I am not letting this bother me 🙂

Lets get straight to it, lesson learnt life’s too short for bad cigars and this example was horrible. Cigar cracked cutting the cap,  air holes throughout made it impossible to smoke so I had to trim to 1/3 the size to get it going. After all that it tasted, well horrid.

This rates as the worst cigar I have smoked so far.

I reiterate life’s too short for bad cigars don’t waste your time!

10 Minutes

$29.50 AUD! 😦




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