Arturo Fuente Hemingway Best Seller 55 x 114

I’ve never had a cigar with a nipple foot, so yeah that’s new.


I really love a regal band. You can assume quality by the cigars band, yes I said assume, but it’s still a favourite feature of mine.

The cold draw has light resistance with slight hints of cocoa and hay.

The nipple foot facilitated an easy light and provided ample smoke with a fantastic sweet taste of aged tobacco.

This cigar wanted to burn a little quick for my liking, but if you took your time you were rewarded with tastes of rich tobacco and cedar followed by a mild pepper heat.

I have to say this cigar was not groundbreaking but it definitely wasn’t disappointing. Medium to full flavour mainly consisting of sweet tobacco which barely reached medium strength for the last third.

55 Minutes

$40.50 AUD







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