Rocky Patel Twentieth Robusto Grande

Rocky’s cigars are always pleasing to the eye, and this box pressed example is no exception.

This cigar was a little softer than expected, becoming extremely soft under the foot band. Speaking of bands, this cigar has it going on – very classy rocky!

It only takes a few draws to be overcome by an intense pepper bomb, a serious hit which is all encompassing. After about 15 minutes the pepper relaxed just enough for you to taste leather, leather and more leather.

30 minutes have now passed and and not much has changed. The ash and burn line is applaudable but flavour has been rather lacklustre; nothing but chargrilled peppered leather and tobacco.

I have read many reviews which showed an extremely complex cigar that I had to try. I understand no two cigars are the same, and storage conditions affect cigars considerably,  but I still can’t help but be disappointed.

The final third did smooth out a little and a strong taste of licorice took over; not to my liking but a welcome change.

80 Minutes

$36 AUD


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