Rocky Patel The Edge Candela Toro 6 x 52

Ever since I learnt of their existence I was keen to try a candela cigar, now I am a big fan of Rocky Patel so I thought I would start with the Edge candela.


The striking green really stands out and also accentuates the leaf pattern of the wrapper. The pack is quite solid but very uniform, I found this consistent with others I have tried in the edge range. Ok let’s light it up!

The first few draws of most cigars are a little average, but the candela started off incredibly smooth with flavours of cream and hay.

This cigar stayed consistent with the flavours of cream hay up until the hour mark, from then spiced cedar and pepper bought it to a finish.

Very enjoyable, another quality cigar by Rocky Patel!

90 Minutes

$38 AUD

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