Casa Turrent 1901 Robusto

You could not help but notice the smell of this cigar was unique. A kind of savory smell. Most cigars have at least a hint of tobacco or ceder but this is very different.


I am always drawn to dark oily wrappers and this San Andres Maduro wrapper really stands out. On top of this the gold band sets the tone for a prestige cigar, as something special.

This cigar reminded me of one of my favorites, the Rocky Patel Vintage 1990 Robusto a cigar that really stood out to me as something different.

The flavours started with a Sweet almond, kind of like a pastry taste.  From the second third there was a hint of white pepper which continued throughout. The flavour transformed from savory to a sweet long finish. All along being incredibly smooth with a respectable draw.

To this day I have never smoked the same cigar twice, this one would be the exception.

Highly recommended.

90 Minutes

$35.50  AUD


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