Rocky Patel Olde World Reserve Maduro Toro

Rocky loves a box-pressed cigar and this is another fine example.


Fresh scent of sweet cocoa, coffee and brown sugar.

Lighting this cigar was really tough; I have found this to be the case sometimes with box-pressed cigars, but after ten minutes the draw loosened enough to get decent smoke output.

At the twenty minute mark this cigar starts to shine; incredibly complex flavours of earth, stale bread, walnuts and a long finish of earth and grass!

Ash dropped the first time at the 45 minute mark, showing an exceptional burn with fine white ash.

From about halfway the strength increased considerably tasting distinctly of tongue numbing cloves; White pepper starts to dominate complementing lingering flavours of earth and walnuts.

I really enjoyed the smooth defined diverse flavours, but this is a seriously strong cigar so I ended prematurely.

90 Minutes.

$42 AUD








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