Rocky Patel Fifty-Five Toro 6 1/2 x 55

I’m always excited to try cigars from RP. Such a quality brand that rarely disappoints.


Construction looks immaculate with a nice smooth wrapper and solid pack. The band really stands out with factory batch markings showing the origins of the wrapper (Nicaragua) binder (Costa Rica) and filler (Nicaragua)

Cold draw is a mix of chocolate hay with perfect resistance. This is surprising for such a solid pack.

Once lit there is a faint hint of liquorice, smoke is very smooth providing great clouds with ease. I’m pretty impressed so far and only four minutes have passed!

Well this cigar was originally made to celebrate RP’s 55th birthday, this fact alone should spark your interest. Every vitola comes as 55 ring gauge which I think is a nice touch, traditionalists probably wont agree.

Smoke is chewable, sweet & sour at first moving to a savoury aged wood. Pepper is present but mainly just providing a slight numbing sensation for the lips.

The cigar burnt slow and didn’t need encouragement to stay alight, this provided incredibly smooth cold smoke. RP quality is on point yet again!

115 minutes

$39 AUD

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