Dictador Pavo Real Half Corona

Alcohol companies making cigars to pair? Seems like a good idea to me.

I’m pretty sure this company would be pissed I’m pairing this with a pale ale, but to each their own.

I used a v-cut to open this cigar which smokes pretty good. The smoke does taste a little hot and dry but I do find that with most smaller cigars anyway.

I felt a bit bad and poured myself a Captain Morgan’s. I usually don’t drink this while smoking because of how spicy it is, and how it can mask the flavours.

I did get a little cedar and hay from the start. I also found fresh greens and lemon zest showing on the finish which was short and sharp.

The burn and smoke output is pretty good but it does burn quite hot. I did get a very minty flavour coming through also for the final third. All in all not bad for a short smoke.

35 Minutes

$26 AUD

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