Camacho Powerband Robusto

Fine looking cigar! TBH anything looks fine on my new tray.

This powerful looking cigar is complemented nicely by the dark caramel wrapper. The bands set the tone perfectly to give this cigar a muscle car type of appeal.

I was a little nervous at first thinking this would be one hell of a pepper bomb, but I could not be more wrong. Flavour starts with smooth and mellow aged cedar and the draw has perfect resistance creating large clouds.

Flavours start to develop nicely from the second third; I found a faint sweetness and breaded flavours. Cedar stayed on the finish from here on.

The second third remains largely the same apart from the addition of cloves; flavour is medium at most with the strength ever increasing.

The last third really turns the power up; strength is full with new flavours of leather and wood showing now. Even though this cigar ends incredibly strong, the flavours remain smooth and balanced. Recommended.

60 Minutes

$40 AUD

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