Fratello Oro Gordo 6 x 60

Not sure what I think of the diagonal band, lacks masculinity, not that that matters for a 6″ x 60! Milk chocolate and gold is always a good look, Pack was a little on the soft side with a medium cold draw resistance, no notable flavours from fresh. Surprisingly once lit smoke output was limited […]

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La Flor de Cano Petit Corona

I’ve smoked a number of cigars with cedar sheaths before, but not one where the band is wrapped around the sheath alone. Another first for me is this cap, It’s completely flat! I’ve never seen that before but it’s great for the perfect punch. Sweet cocoa and hay for the fresh draw which is incredibly […]

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Casa Turrent 1942 Robusto

When it comes to choosing a cigar I always judge a book by its cover. It’s hard to deny the beauty of the Casa Turrent 1942. The elegant prestige band really sets the tone and I like that the wrapper actually resembles the leaf that it is, you also can’t fault the well crafted triple […]

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