NUB Connecticut 4 x 60

Just picked up a 4 x sampler of NUB cigars. Love the size and appearance of these cigars this should be enjoyable.


Nice silky smooth wrapper for the Connecticut,  perfect quality with next to no veins.

Wood and buttered popcorn is the perfect description for the smell from fresh, very enticing.

The light was flawless, a little light for the draw but a great amount of smoke is produced.

Ten minutes in the flavours were cedar and dry earth, the Smoke is incredibly smooth!

This is probably the most impressive cigar I have smoked with a light wrapper. Burn is razor-sharp, this cigar is very sweet like a flavoured cigar but with hints of wood and earth for the finish.

Great first impressions for this brand 🙂

45 Minutes

$32 AUD

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