The blanco 9

If you have the pleasure of being a Privada member you will know that the tasting notes can be really handy with helping you define flavours. But it can be equally frustrating when you can’t taste what’s listed! To each their own. In this instance liquorice is right on the money. A flavour that I […]

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Vegas Robaina Famoso

This rustic light brown wrapper compliments the bold stated band perfectly. This cigar has a slight box press appearance. Upon lighting I found the draw was a little tight with flavours of sweet hay and white pepper showing first. The draw continues to be tight but doesn’t inhibit smoke output. Cedar and leather flavours start […]

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Dictador Pavo Real Half Corona

Alcohol companies making cigars to pair? Seems like a good idea to me. I’m pretty sure this company would be pissed I’m pairing this with a pale ale, but to each their own. I used a v-cut to open this cigar which smokes pretty good. The smoke does taste a little hot and dry but […]

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Acid Blondie

I can just see the cigar purists cringing right now. As you can see by this post I’m no purist. I really don’t mind smoking an infused cigar now and then – it’s fun to mix it up. Similar to many infused cigars you will find the cap is sugar sweet. The scent from fresh […]

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Norteno Corona Extra 4 3/4 x 48

As I browse which cigar to buy next I have found it’s becoming increasingly difficult to avoid the Drew Estate brand. Firstly because there is such huge variety but most importantly they rarely disappoint. Unlike the picture suggests you can find a good or even great cigar without having to break the bank. Well Maybe […]

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CAO Flathead V660 Carb 6 x 60

I love the 50’s Hot Rod theme that the CAO Flathead series embodies. The V660 Carb is a beast at 6 x 60 and box pressed so perfectly the edges could cut you! Scent from fresh is of sweet sweet cocoa with a medium resistance for the cold draw. I used the punch twice in […]

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Guantanamera Cristales 41 x 150

Ok so it’s getting close to Halloween so time to try something scary… A machine-made cigar! Well at least its Cuban. The band is average to say the least, the wrapper is the definition of bumpy but I have read some good reviews so I am not letting this bother me 🙂 Lets get straight […]

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