The Tabernacle Broadleaf Toro

Instantly you’ll notice the quality of this cigar, firm to the touch with a flawless Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. The cap was placed meticulously and such a regal band, I’m impressed.

Tabernacle Edit

A faint smell of coco and hay was what was first noticed, the cold draw was very light with hints of barnyard.

Once lit full flavour enveloped your taste buds with spicy red pepper, more sweet than heat but definitely starting off strong.

The burn is on point,  razor-sharp and ash held well. Massive smoke output to the point you could take smaller draws for the same reward. The construction is outstanding.

From the second third the spice simmered to a back note and let more complex flavours take hold. The best description would be an aged sweetness, sweet but slightly tart like a cranberry while also showing hints of mild leather and earth.

I highly recommend this cigar. A treat to experience.

110 Minutes

$32 AUD


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