MUWAT Review 1/5 Presidente


It’s all about the M.U.W.A.T for the next 5 reviews. I am interested to see what influence the size of the cigar has to do with the taste. So lets go….



This range of cigars is a collaboration between Drew estate and Joya de Nicaragua. Both these brands rate very highly with myself and I’m excited to see what’s to come.

To top it off they have a pretty cool name, My Uzi Weighs a Ton.

The first of my selection I am trying is the Presidente, this cigar is the largest cigar to date I have smoke at 7×60.

There is such an amazing smell from fresh, mainly a very sweet dark cocoa quite tempting to the point you want to take a bite 😉

All Drew estate cigars I have encountered so far have had amazing presentation. I really like a dark oily wrapper and this cigar doesn’t disappoint.

Unlike many the smell of this cigar really transitioned into taste, chocolate was prevalent from the get go.

Flavour was incredibly smooth with a slight hint of spice. A taste of leather was starting to develop into the second third which is always welcomed.

This cigar lasted for 80 minutes overall, would of got to the 100/110 mark but the last third plugged up pretty bad.

In summation this cigar is a must try, really enjoyable & highly recommended.

80 Minutes

$43 AUD

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