E.P. Carrillo Encore Majestic

Look at this cigar… LOOK AT IT! This is as close as you get to perfect presentation.

A rustic dark roasted wrapper with visible smooth veins, perfectly box pressed with a regal band and a touch of silk on the foot. Fancy 😉


The wrapper smells of caramel corn and sweet raisins, once lit the light draw produces incredible smoke output. Unfortunately this smoke is also incredibly harsh and laden with intense black pepper.

Over the next twenty minutes this cigar slowly started to smooth out, and a slightly sweet caramel shows its head with a savory breaded finish.

Cigar Aficionado highly rates this cigar, but I fail to see what is so interesting. Pepper increases immensely and masks any additional flavours from emerging. While smoke is abundant, it lacks body and is quite wispy. No matter how slow you smoke, it burns hot and harsh.

Construction, burn and ash are perfect and cannot be faltered and are clearly its best traits.

Strength hovers just above medium with strong unpleasant flavour.

65 Minutes

$38 AUD









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