CAO Flathead V660 Carb 6 x 60

I love the 50’s Hot Rod theme that the CAO Flathead series embodies. The V660 Carb is a beast at 6 x 60 and box pressed so perfectly the edges could cut you!


Scent from fresh is of sweet sweet cocoa with a medium resistance for the cold draw. I used the punch twice in a figure 8 style because the cap is a massive flat rectangle.

I was a little afraid at the start, this cigar was intense. There were a few hints of liquorice but most flavours were not definable, strong bordering on harsh.

Nearly at the first third the cigar settled and mellowed slightly, now things start to be interesting.

Each draw flavours transformed from creamy leather to a definable herbal sweetness with a long finish of cedar. Flawless burn and rock solid ash falling twice at the forty and eighty minute mark.

Phenomenal full-bodied full flavoured cigar that is a must try for seasoned smokers!

120 Minutes

$41 AUD

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