Honduras Vintage Toro

Be warned this cigar review might be a little biased. My little sister picked up a box of these cigars for me while she was in Honduras so I’m going to enjoy them regardless.

collage (1)

Decent presentation for this Toro size cigar, wrapper was smooth with only a few small veins. The single cap was a little off centre but effective all the same. Pack was slightly spongy but consistent throughout and to top it all off they came in a branded box which is a nice bonus.

Initial scent had a slight hint of barnyard, once lit peppery heat hit your lips but faded quickly with a short finish of smooth tobacco.

Only ten minutes in this cigar just came alive, a distinct taste of honey showed itself from the initial draw then morphed into a combination of cinnamon toast and marmalade. These flavours would be prevalent for each draw till just past the half way mark.

Continuing cinnamon started to fade into cedar, then slowly became smooth spiced tobacco at the very end. This was truly a rollercoaster to experience!!

60 Minutes

$5.80 AUD

(This price is only because excise duty was luckily not charged entering Australia. $35-$40 would be the estimated price otherwise.)




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