Joya De Nicaragua Clasico Torpedo

I was impressed with the presentation of this cigar. Well rolled and silky smooth to the touch with barely visible veins, class all the way!


This was the first cigar produced from this brand, and during the United states Cuban embargo this was the only brand to be recognised as the official cigar of the white house!

The Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade wrapper is very light in appearance and smell,
usually cigars with a light wrapper don’t appeal to me I find them too mild for my liking.

The draw is incredibly smooth with great resistance and a very even burn.  The flavours are mild but are of wood and hay, strength was mild also which is appropriate for a cigar of this size.

I really enjoyed this cigar and it was not because of its flavour profile, flavours were light and subtle but smoke was silky smooth, definitely worthy as a humidor staple!

70 minutes

$33.50 AUD


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