HVC 500th Anniversary

Winner 2019 Limited cigar of the year. Let’s see what you’ve got!

I made a mistake on this from the start and used a V cutter. I found this cigar to be too oily for this cut and too much tar accumulated. Fixing with a straight cut not long after was a definite improvement.

Privada was pretty much on point with the flavour profiles, the mix was a little different but it still worked well. Flavour started with a little leather and a herbal hit. Not long after these flavours mellowed into floral with hints of wheat bread and grains. Like I said before it’s a little different but somehow it seems to work.

For me these flavours continued from start to end. Smoke was smooth and creamy with amazing output and a dead straight burn.

Strength slowly progresses from medium all the way to full while flavours stayed a little delicate peaking at medium.

I smoked this cigar right to the nub so obviously I recommend you give it a go!

80 Minutes.

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