Todos Las Dias Half Churchill

Now this is a good looking cigar!

The Todos Las Dias has a perfectly smooth dark chocolate wrapper with a faint oily sheen. This cigar is also shaped like a pentagon with five subtle lines running lengthwise. Last but not least the simple, but stated, black and silver bands which is branding done right in my opinion.

From fresh the wrapper smells of sweet earth. The cold draw has great resistance and tastes of musty barnyard.

Once lit you’re immediately bombarded by an intense pepper bomb. After ten minutes or so the pepper subsides, and sweet wood and earth starts to show with a less obtrusive white pepper for the finish.

The second third becomes really interesting with an array of interesting flavours. First of all is a faint fruity taste similar to fruit roll-up. Followed by nutty trail mix, hints of leather and smokey wood fired BBQ.

I really got lost smoking this cigar; the construction, burn and smoke output could not have been better. From the final third the strength edges toward full.

Overall this cigar is strong on flavour and strength but nicely balanced with a diversity of flavours. Highly recommended.

70 Minutes

$32 AUD

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