Deadwood Crazy Alice

The reason I purchased this cigar is because I have never seen a pig tailed pyramid, not to mention one with a closed foot before.

I love the look of this cigar; nice dark toothy wrapper and a ‘crazy’ band. The scent from fresh is simply floral.

The pack and draw is very tight, but once lit it produces a great amount of smoke; actually I have not seen so much smoke come off a cigar between draws.

The tip of the cigar is infused and its nice sweetness complements the tastes of aged dark tobacco and white pepper spice.

My research indicates this cigar is not infused, but cured in a way to maximise the sweetness of the tobacco. The tip is definitely infused; there is no mistaking that.

I really enjoyed this cigar; the mix of sweet and aged tobacco give pleasant tastes of spiced herbal tea. Just from looking at this cigar you knew you are going to get something different and it didn’t disappoint.

50 Minutes

$34 AUD


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