Curivari Achilles La Iliada No. 12

So far my experience with Curivari cigars has been, well let’s say varied. They either hit or miss in my opinion.


Well rolled smooth wrapper with a very neat triple cap, pack was a little on the soft side but I have found this consistent with most Curivari cigars.

I use a punch to open all my cigars if possible, and this example had light resistance for the cold draw with a faint taste of hay.

Once lit smoke output was surprisingly abundant, Impressed by light clouds of sweet cedar with a short finish.

Just past the twenty-minute mark the flavours start to become interesting. Sweet barnyard was the theme and even though smoke was thick it dissipated quickly. Only ten minutes later sweet turned to a creamy salted popcorn, such a treat.

Strength and flavour peaked at medium, from the sixty minute mark a sour note become increasingly prevalent. Overall enjoyable, nice work Curivari!

80 Minutes

$38 AUD







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