Socrates 458

Back to back with the short and stout; 4 x 60 Ciclope last week and now the Socrates 4 x 58. Both these cigars are made by Curivari and I have to say they look nearly identical, but this one has a Mexican San Andrés maduro wrapper. Once lit you’ll be inundated with thick and […]

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I usually feel ripped off smoking a small cigar, but sometimes they last longer than expected. Especially with a ring gauge of 60! I used a punch and the cold draw is ultra light; even when lit the draw is still light but produces an amazing amount of smoke! This Nicaraguan wrapper is very dark […]


Curivari La Democracia 6 x 52

The Curivari La Democracia is Greek themed, as an homage to owner Andreas Throuvalas’s heritage. Unfortunately this is the only thing I found interesting about this cigar. Honestly I don’t have anything bad to say, it just wasn’t interesting.  Nicely made, smooth wrapper consistent pack, all the expected quality of the Curivari brand. Tobacco and […]

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