Drew Estate Factory Smokes Connecticut Shade Toro

I loved the Factory Smokes (Sweet) and I’m sure I will love this version also.

You know with the name ‘Factory Smokes’ that this is not going to be the best cigar you have had in any shape or form but it’s worth a try.

I found the draw to be a little light once lit, but ample smoke all the same. The usual culprits – cedar and hay – are present from the start which is no surprise.

It just blows me away that this stick costs $2 USD. That’s if you live in the US of course. For me it’s $37 AUD ($26 USD) but I’m not complaining; it’s mild but has been enjoyable so far.

The complexity of this cigar is non-existent but it is enjoyable. Smoke output and burn is nothing to complain about while flavours of cedar are always welcomed.

If you want a cigar to pass the time while multitasking or for work around the house, then this is for you. Definitely worth $2 USD. Maybe not so much us outside the US.

60 Minutes

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