Acid Blondie

I can just see the cigar purists cringing right now. As you can see by this post I’m no purist. I really don’t mind smoking an infused cigar now and then – it’s fun to mix it up. Similar to many infused cigars you will find the cap is sugar sweet. The scent from fresh […]

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Drew Estate Java Mint

Smells just like an after dinner mint. Now that comment really shows my age… The wrapper looked a little crumbly and delicate, but was actually the opposite being quite spongy. This wrapper also has a nice rustic look, but the lack of creativity on the band really fails for presentation. After opening with the punch, […]

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Norteno Corona Extra 4 3/4 x 48

As I browse which cigar to buy next I have found it’s becoming increasingly difficult to avoid the Drew Estate brand. Firstly because there is such huge variety but most importantly they rarely disappoint. Unlike the picture suggests you can find a good or even great cigar without having to break the bank. Well Maybe […]

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