Camacho Nicaraguan Barrel Aged Robusto Tubos

Now this is a cool looking cigar!

The look of this cigar is intimidating; once opened from the tubos the smell was especially strong of rich leather and floral sweet cinnamon all wrapped into one.

The band has a lot going on; you have to twist to read all the details of how the tobacco is cured in rum barrels, which explains why the scents are so strong right off the bat.

Lighting up reminded me of a Kentucky fire cured pepper bomb! An abrupt start that makes sure you’re awake!

As the smoke settles and the pepper subsides, you start to taste a barrage of flavours starting with burnt caramel, nuts, earth and leather. The burn line is as straight as a die.

From the second third this cigar continues to develop and show you flavours of bitter dark chocolate, coffee and hay. Black pepper is a constant throughout, and even though the flavours are so very strong they are still smooth defined and welcomed.

I found this cigar really hard to put down and I probably smoked a bit faster than intended, but I was not punished with any harshness.

This is the first Camacho I have smoked and I can’t wait to see what else they have to offer. If you enjoy full strength cigars with a great diversity of flavours then this cigar is for you, highly recommended.

50 Minutes

$36 AUD






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