The first time I tried to smoke this cigar it plugged up big time! So this is Cubo take #2.

Okay this is more like it; lighting up was easy with good smoke output. The burn is a little wavy but nothing to worry about.

The first flavours I found are quite mineral, backed with pepper. There is a slight woody flavour also showing on the short finish.

Moving into the second third will find you fruit and floral flavours; all the while the mineral taste continues but the taste of pepper does not.

The last third surprises you with burnt toast and coffee beans. The coffee flavour is intense just like chewing on a roasted bean. These flavours continue to the end with the addition of peanuts.

I’m glad I had another chance to try this cigar – the flavours are defined and varied enough to keep me interested. This cigar also wins the prize for the lightest draw I have ever experienced. Overall this is a great cigar! Recommended.

55 Minutes

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