Lost and Found: Cookie Monster

I really want to like lanceros. I haven’t had the best run with them so far but I’m not giving up, so here we go again.

I love the back story of cigars nearly as much as I enjoy smoking them, and this brand is quite interesting. The owner of L&F, Robert Caldwell is the Indiana Jones of cigar blenders. He searched for lost and unused tobacco to create cigars like this. Waste not, want not.

Okay let’s light it up!

8 years aged and it sure tastes like it; dark rich tobacco dominates with a slightly bitter finish. There’s also hints of wood and white pepper.

My gripe with lanceros are that they usually plug up on me. This cigar was no different but fortunately it could be saved.

As soon as it unplugged – menthol blast! Followed by floral tones and the savoury taste of hot fresh bread.

This has to be the best lancero I have smoked to date; interesting and varied flavour with good smoke output. The brief plug still didn’t put me off so it must be good! Give it a try.

70+ Minutes

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