Alec Bradley Black Market Estelí Torpedo 100TH REVIEW

And the winner of the largest band goes to…


This is the first Alec Bradley cigar that I have tried and my 100TH cigar review to date. When I did a little research I was pleasantly surprised with the honest nonchalant approach this brand has taken, seeking enjoyment over accolade.

This cigar was close to perfect for presentation with a smooth dark wrapper and a slight oily sheen. The pack is firm without soft spots or inconsistencies, I really don’t know why you would hide all this with a massive band?

Faint cocoa and cedar scent from fresh. Once lit smoke output was sparse but improved late close to the second third. Burn line held solid throughout.

It didn’t take long to notice that this cigar had cuban consistency for the flavour profile, Pepper dark chocolate and cedar continued from start to end with a green vegetative taste shown briefly. Interested to see what else this brand has to offer.

90 Minutes

$34 AUD

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