Joya De Nicaragua Red short Churchill 48 x 121

This cigar was a belated birthday present from my closest friends on their first visit to Melbourne. I’m excited to try this cigar, I have really enjoyed others in the range so my hopes are high!


The wrapper is a dark reddish-brown, construction is great firm pack with minimal veins, really nice presentation.

Cigar lit easily with abundant smoke right from the start. The smoke is really thick and creamy nearly chewable.

There was a sweet but savory profile going on, best description would be of Graham crackers. I had no idea what that flavour was since they are not available in Australia, but a bit of research showed that The digestive biscuit was the closest comparison and it seems perfect to describe this cigars flavour.

From the second third the pepper started to appear, mainly heat than spice which continued to increase into the last third. Nothing overbearing but noticeable.

I really enjoyed this cigar, sweet and savory with a hint of pepper. Even burn producing a great amount of smoke.

55 Mins

$30.50 AUD

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