Rocky Patel Decade Cameroon Robusto

My experience with Rocky Patel Cigars so far have been interesting. I am excited to see what the decade brings.



This particular cigar felt a little soft, evenly packed and a very strong smell of hay from fresh.

Light draw that produced a good amount of smoke, the aftertaste is where this cigar really shines.

Started medium strength but progressed quickly to full bodied after about an inch. Now this is where the flavour roller coaster began.

We started with a sweet aftertaste, this developed into a nutty flavour. The initial draw was very earthy, like hay, then went from sweet to nutty and ending into tastes of spice for the last third.

I smoked this cigar as short as I could hold, very spicy at the end but not as bitter as expected. Extremely complex & Awesome cigar!!

50+ Minutes

$24 AUD



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