El Rey Del Mundo Choix Supreme

Let’s travel again back to Cuba, where it all began. Okay so I’ve never been to Cuba, but like many, my cigar journey did start there. Nearly every Cuban cigar I have smoked has a similar look, I don’t know how else to describe it than a rustic/real look. Obviously in a class of their […]

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Neonlis Nuevo Mundo La Nina

I recently visited Vietnam and while there I experienced every facet of their culture. I couldn’t think of a better souvenir than a Vietnamese cigar to reminisce with once home. I have to say I fluked buying this cigar; the language barrier was larger than I expected! I did get the impression though that this […]

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Fonseca Delicias

This Japanese rice paper wrapper caught my eye and I was sold instantly, yep I’m that guy… Right from the start this just tastes like a traditional Cuban influenced cigar – rounded and refined. Sweet cedar is the the first flavour to hit my tongue with hints of leather for the finish. This cigar is […]

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Montecristo Open Regata

I haven’t had the best run with Montecristo cigars, so let’s hope this one’s different. I like the look of this cigar’s light brown wrapper which has a fresh scent of ceder. I’ve never seen such a small torpedo at 5/38 x 36; previous torpedoes I’ve smoked have been quite large in comparison.¬† After a […]

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Ambrosia Spice Torpedo

This is a decent sized cigar coming in at 5 x 54 with an unmistakable scent of cloves and star anise. The first thing I expected after lighting was a spice torpedo! But instead you will find rich, smooth tobacco. Slowly the infused flavours start to show, but remain subtle and delicate unlike most infused […]

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Muestra De Saka Nacatamale

Another Saka special packed in its own personal coffin – now that’s pretty cool! As soon as you open the coffin you’re transported into your backyard with the BBQ ablaze. This cigar smells of meaty, smoky cedar. Yum. This cigar doesn’t even need the silk foot band – the smooth dark chocolate wrapper and pigtail […]

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Warped Serie Gran Reserva 1988

Okay, let’s see what a rating of #3 (2019) from Cigar Aficionado gets you! Quality looks good with a smooth wrapper and firm even pack, but what does 976212 mean? All right, then. Keep your secrets. As soon as the flame reaches this cigar it lights rapidly and produces great amounts of thick smoke. Flavours […]

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Could there be a better name for a cigar? Ok, ok I know what half of you are saying. A very sweet scent of milk chocolate from fresh, with a nice BOTL band. The cigar I’ve never heard of with a name every cigar smoker knows. After fifteen minutes I’m impressed with the complex varied […]

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Todos Las Dias Half Churchill

Now this is a good looking cigar! The Todos Las Dias has a perfectly smooth dark chocolate wrapper with a faint oily sheen. This cigar is also shaped like a pentagon with five subtle lines running lengthwise. Last but not least the simple, but stated, black and silver bands which is branding done right in […]

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