El Titan De Bronze Red Velvet

This cigar with the double cheesecake band better taste like cheesecake!

Okay, this tastes like a relic right from the start – old and musty!

The mustiness only lasts a few minutes; transitioning to flavours of dark tobacco and wood. Floral tones also come through from the start which complement well.

The dark tobacco is quite rich and not dissimilar to pipe tobacco which also reminds me of the deadwood cigar range.

Well this cigar doesn’t taste like cheesecake but you will get a little dark chocolate from time to time. You will also find some herbal/incense flavours with a metallic tinge.

This cigar is not what you would expect but it doesn’t disappoint. Flavours are rich and strong and interesting enough to keep you entertained.


70 Minutes.

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