Vegas Robaina Famoso

This rustic light brown wrapper compliments the bold stated band perfectly.

This cigar has a slight box press appearance. Upon lighting I found the draw was a little tight with flavours of sweet hay and white pepper showing first.

The draw continues to be tight but doesn’t inhibit smoke output. Cedar and leather flavours start to show from here. I found this cigar to be very traditional in its flavour profile with strength being mild at most.

I am surprised to say that at the second third ash is still holding strong. 55 minutes is probably my personal best especially since I don’t keep my cigars held vertically.

This cigar has one last surprise up its sleeve for the final third. Flavours of fruitless hot cross buns. Sweet bread flavours with a little floral for the finish.

I lump most Cuban flavour profiles into the one box but this ones surprise at the end sets it apart. Not a bad smoke at all.

70 Minutes

$32 AUD

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