Montenegro Red Label Corona

Montenegro and Privada have really outdone themselves with this custom band!

The fresh draw tastes of musty earth and is very tight! Privada stated that this would be the case, and the reason is to control the flavours of the Nicaraguan tobacco. Interesting concept; is it only myself who hasn’t heard of this?

I like that this cigar is 100% organic; the only other truly organic cigars I have smoked were from Plasencia cigars. And they were damn good!

The first third’s flavours are of leather and cinnamon; mild white pepper is also present for an extremely long finish.

I found like most aged cigars, you will find the flavours nice and balanced. There are no highs or lows, just a smooth flavourful blend.

The last third slowly pushes towards full strength with the additional flavours of charred cashews. All the while this cigar remains smooth and refined. Another fine product presented by Privada.

Highly recommended!

80 Minutes

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